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Age does not define us not even our Marcomms professionals

24 Feb 2017

On 1 February, in Coleman Street, 25 of our Marketing and Communications professionals from across the Group came together for a ground–breaking workshop in the financial services sector, led by the campaign group The Age of No Retirement (AONR).

It’s important that we as a business have ‘Critical Friends’ to help us make better decisions and bring a new view of the world in to our decision making. We know life is changing for different generations and it’s the not for profit organisations like TAONR that are spotting these changes.

Leading the Way

The workshop looked at both conscious and unconscious age bias in the way that we write material and choose imagery when communicating with our customers. The workshop was an opportunity to explore post-demographic, ageless thinking and to review the Legal & General brands, products and communications in accordance with The Age of No Retirement’s 10 Principles of Intergenerational Design.

We are more similar between generations than we make out.

In their recent research TAONR found that;

  • 83% of people feel they are not like everyone else in their age group;
  • 83% of people want to mix with people of different ages and generations;
  • 89% of young people and 84% of the oldest people rely on the internet and both feel equally overwhelmed by new technology;
  • 88% of all ages said that brand, the media and government should focus on needs and interests not age.

The most successful brands (Apple, Nike) look at customers from a standpoint of needs and interests rather than segmentation by age (baby boomer, millennial) and we all need to be involved in the rethink.

The workshop gave Marcomms colleagues a chance to apply the 10 Principles of Intergenerational Design to current marketing material and to spot signs of conscious and unconscious age bias in the hope that future materials become more intergenerational.

What Did Participants Say?

'I found the workshop really useful. In our team we manage hundreds of items of literature and different webpages. The workshop helped me evaluate some of the items from a different perspective. The feedback I received was really constructive and has inspired me to think from a different point of view when reviewing the items, especially for the estate planning literature that we manage. I found Jonathan and George (Age of No Retirement Founders) really engaging. The stats they provided at the start of the session really emphasised what they stand for and why age shouldn't define us. I will definitely be using the design principles next time I create anything new and will be sharing them with the rest of my team.'

Shona McConnell, Customer Engagement Executive, Marketing and Comms, Mature Savings

Dr Jonathan Collie, Co-Founder, TAONR commented;

‘The workshop enabled Legal & General’s marketing managers to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of their communications and advertising campaigns against the 10 principles of intergenerational design. It was interesting to see how much room for improvement there was when the generational- and age-related stereotypes were removed, and focus was placed on the commonality of customer values and needs.’

Where Next?

As ever the proof is in the pudding. Our Marcomms colleagues now have a new set of principles. We expect to see subtle and not so subtle changes in what we do over the coming months.

If you’d like to join the increasing parts of our company requesting product and or service with a Critical Friends in this way please contact us.