Our sustainability stories

Buzzing about beehives

In Hove, we’ve enhanced the grounds around the office by planting new pollinator-attractive flowers such as lavender and fruit trees to promote friendly environments for colleagues and wildlife.

16 Aug 2019

At Legal & General we take pride in being a socially responsible business and work hard to minimize our impact on the environment; whether it’s through our carbon reduction targets, supporting biodiversity or reducing plastic consumables in our offices.

We’ve also introduced two bee hives to support biodiversity. Along with a new home, the bees get special care from Brighton & Lewes beekeepers and can take full advantage of all the new plants around the office and Hove Park.

Since the 90s, bees have been in decline and three types have become extinct due to pesticides and climate change. Bees play a vital role in contributing to a healthy ecosystem which is essential for our overall well-being as it affects the water we drink, air we breathe and food we eat. Famous for being the ‘world’s most important pollinator’ aiding with plant reproduction, caring for them is the least we can do.

To further understand biodiversity and keeping bees, we’re planning to hold ‘bee talks’ for colleagues who are interested in finding out more about beekeeping. It’s a great opportunity to get people talking about environmental issues including loss of biodiversity, climate change and think of other ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. With the fruit from our trees and honey from our bees, we can work towards becoming a more sustainable business internally as well as delivering on our other environmental commitments detailed in our CSR report.

The first batch of honey will be ready in a couple of weeks which we will look forward to serving in our office cafés.

With the care from our gardener and Brighton & Lewes beekeepers, Legal & General employees can learn about what it takes to support biodiversity in a time of climate crisis.