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Coleman Street to Cardiff Warrior Programme challenge

9 Jun 2015

Helping Those Affected By Traumatic And Unexpected Life Events

Self-belief and resilience, in the face of challenging or seemingly hopeless moments in life, are just two of the key outcomes promoted by The Warrior Programme, a coaching and motivational programme designed to build confidence, highlight potential and to guide individuals, affected by traumatic and unexpected life events, towards a pathway of independent functioning in society. Legal & General have now hosted a number of Warrior Programmes since 2012.

We hear from a colleague who can closely relate to The Warrior programme, and his challenge to cover the distance from Coleman Street to Cardiff – all 151.5 miles:

Having once been told that he may never walk again as a result of ill health Anthony Lockyer, Technical Research Specialist is now a veteran of 7 full marathons and a further 8 ultra-marathons. He can relate closely to all of this. Anthony says: “Every stumbling block in life has the potential to be transformed into a building block for the future, but the construction and design starts with each one of us. I have realised how long distance athletics replicates many of the challenges faced by us along life’s journey and that I could make a meaningful contribution towards the worthy cause of The Warrior Programme through sharing some of my own challenges conquered, highlighting the catalyst of self-determination, the proud trophy of achievement and the value of goal-setting as a motivational tool.”

Anthony believes that while it’s essential for each of us to take that first step, individuals also need help, support and encouragement to achieve their goals. However, he also maintains: ‘Never lean that heavily such that, if the support fades, you will lose your footing.’

Taking this into consideration, Anthony has teamed up with Wayne Davies, Business Development Manager, Legal & General Network, who has recently set his own personal targets with regard to health and fitness and immediately saw the challenge as an opportunity to raise the bar.

The Challenge

Anthony and Wayne have set themselves the challenge to cover the distance from our Coleman Street office in London to the Cardiff office - in a joint effort. Anthony will be running on a treadmill and Wayne cycling on an exercise bike. The plan is for them to add together their respective distances covered, continuing until such time that the overall combined distance surpasses 151.5 miles - the distance from Coleman Street to our Cardiff offices.

They had this to say about their ambitious venture: “The intention of this challenge is primarily to boost awareness for The Warrior Programme and to illustrate the value of self-belief, initiative, endurance and partnerships in attaining goals, but also to raise funds for the Warrior Programme. Then, of course, there is the personal challenge for both of us.

‘We will be pushing ourselves to the limit in the Knox Court reception area, starting early on the 19th November. So please come and support us on the day – the occasional chat will help us to endure the monotony and provide much needed encouragement!’

Find Out More

Read more about the Warrior Programme at: http://www.warriorprogramme.org.uk/

We will hear more from Anthony and Wayne before November, but in the meantime they would really appreciate any contributions towards this worth cause through their JustGiving sponsorship page.