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Duke of Edinburgh Scheme

13 Jan 2016

We are focused on creating social value and positive change right across the UK. TheDofE exists to develop young people for life and work, creating confident, compassionate young men and women.

More young people want to do the DofE, or could benefit from the DofE, than the charity can help today. They are currently working in 70% of state schools and 40% of private schools.

Through the support of the Charity Committee and Mark Zinkula as a sponsor, we aim to support the DofE by investing in new ‘Development Officers’, who will build partnerships with schools and youth organisations to combat barriers to growth.

This gives one of our partner schools from London, Islington Arts & Media School, the opportunity to be involved and help improve the confidence, skills, rounded wellbeing and compassion of many of their students.

Our other partner school, Pen y Dre, in Wales, are already lucky enough to be running the scheme.

As the DofE celebrates it’s 60th anniversary this year, we are inviting all of you to take part in The DofE Diamond Challenge. This is once in a lifetime opportunity for you, your friends and family to get out of your comfort zone and leave your excuses at the door.

The skydive you’ve always wanted to do. The time you said you’d learn Mandarin. Taking those first steps to volunteering. The fear of heights you’re determined to face. And at the end you achieve your diamond award.

We want to hear what you are planning to do and create a storyboard throughout the year of everyone taking part.