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Happy India – A social change initiative

29 May 2015

Happy India was seen as an initiative for positive social change across India, aiming at not just creating awareness about issues that pose a threat to the environment and society, but also launching ideas that could bring about the change – slowly, albeit steadily. It aimed at providing a platform for young change makers, who could then lead the way for the masses to follow.

What began with an idea took the form of a revolution when more than fifteen thousand students stepped forward to be a part of it. A team sifted through more than a thousand project ideas to find twenty-five teams with young change makers who, along with their mentors and IndiaFirst guides, drove the programme with passion, and remain unstoppable.

Inspiring Children To Create Social Change

Happy India aimed to nurture the attitude of working towards change among school-going children. It is a small yet sincere effort to provide children with a chance to not just demand change, but actually create it. Children between 11 to 16 years of age identified social issues, analyzed them and worked as a team to resolve them in the best way. With participation from over fifteen thousand students across three hundred schools in the country, the enthusiasm was contagious, to say the least.

The final 25 teams were not only supported with a grant of INR 50,000 each by IndiaFirst Life Insurance, but also had the mentorship of industry experts during the 40 day implementation phase.

Happy India started as an effort, and has today grown into a movement with issues ranging from energy conservation to women empowerment, education to cleanliness and sanitation, environment pollution to employment, all being tackled head on. The energy and verve with which each team went about their project has inspired hundreds to take on their cause.

These students have proved how children can impact the society irrespective of their age, providing us with a new ray of hope for a Happy India!