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Legacy Youth Zone Croydon’s Covid-19 response

Over the past two months, Legacy has had to close its doors to thousands of young people. In order to meet the needs of their members, they have shifted their delivery to an emergency response: at home, online and in the community.

5 Jun 2020

They have distributed a total of 3800 free meals into the community via carefully curated food packages, and made over 250 calls to young members, to check how they’re doing and see if they require any further support. These also include calls to their most vulnerable members and the parents of young people with additional needs. One regular member said, ‘It’s so nice to hear your voice’.  They’ve posted over 100 Instagram videos, providing the young people they support with engaging online content, including: sign language lessons, workout tutorials, yoga sessions, digital editing classes and cookalongs.

Over 100 activity packs have been sent to young people giving them fun and engaging things to do at home, which include: Craft activities, colouring pens, bouncy balls, playing cards, sensory fidget toys, skipping ropes and books. Half of the packs were sent to those with additional needs and were carefully designed around each individual’s interests.

On the 10 May, the OnSide community event brought together 4,000 young people, youth workers, supporters and friends from across the Youth Zone Network, where they witnessed some of the amazing young talent at the incredible OnSide Awards that were held at the Royal Albert Hall in November 2019.  This was a wonderful opportunity for those who weren’t able to be there on the day, or for those who simply wanted to see it again!

1 Bass Guitar delivered to a very lucky young lady. This was made possible by one of the Founder Patrons who kindly donated a brand new bass guitar to a young person in need, who had been suffering with depression and started attending Legacy in December 2019 to build her confidence and make new friends, and she also learnt to play the guitar!  She had always dreamed of one day owning a guitar, and they were able to make this a reality at a time when she needed it most. Her mum said ‘’I’m so excited, I can finally hear her play!”

For the love of baking: Anna, the Training Kitchen Youth Worker, had been training and acting as a mentor to help develop the baking skills of one vulnerable young person and even helped to fill out the application form to go on Junior Bake Off!  However, since lockdown she hasn’t been able to fulfil her love of baking as her family need to prioritise their spending on essential household items due to mum losing her job as a result of the crisis. Legacy is now stepping in and delivering baking goods to her home on a weekly basis so she can bake once again.

Legal & General are proud to support Legacy Youth Zone’s, who have helped give the young people in Croydon a sense of hope, happiness and fun during this difficult time.

To find out more, visit: https://www.legacyyouthzone.org/