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Legal and General pioneering DofE’s “Youth Without Limits”

As the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award launches its new “Youth Without Limits” 5 year strategy one of its longest standing supporters, Legal and General, have committed to further support the charity to help meet its fresh strategic ambitions of helping to make DofE more accessible and relevant.

23 Jun 2021

The synergy between the DofE and Legal and General is very strong, sharing the same route card and aspirations for young people.

Legal and General continue to strive for a fair society with equality of opportunity for younger generations to be supported and enabled to reach their potential. Legal and General pioneer a future where today’s capital is used to benefit tomorrow’s society.

This vision and support will help to underpin the DofE across the UK to continue to help young people to build life-long belief in themselves, supporting them to take on their own challenges.

Lynne Sheehy, CSR Manager for Legal & General comments: "We have a long standing partnership with the DofE Awards and as a major employer we recognise the value of the award in giving young people more life choices on their career pathway and developing their leadership skills.

We know the coronavirus pandemic has hit young people particularly hard – affecting their studies, relationships, work, opportunities and mental health – and disadvantaged young people have been disproportionately affected.

The DofE is open to everyone and is more relevant than ever because it can play an important role in helping young people recover and thrive, developing skills and character traits – like confidence and resillience– to help them prepare for future training and employment opportunities and help them refocus and reshape their lives."

A key strand of the new strategy will be enhancing access, making the DofE more widely available and accessible whilst increasing the number of young people who can access a DofE programme. The charity wants to give more than 1 million young people the chance to participate in the programme over the next 5 years.

Extending the reach of the programme has always been a priority for the DofE with Legal and General  already playing  a very  active role in helping to support access to young people in  some of the UK’S most disadvantaged areas  from North East England to the Welsh Valleys.

North East Operations Manager Ruth Ramsdale acknowledges: "Working in a region of incredibly high deprivation, the funding that Legal and General ringfenced for the North East has a tremendous impact on the lives and communities of young people here. It enables youth organisations to grow their DofE provision and make sure that the cost of expedition kit is never a barrier to a young person achieving their Award. 

The funding will support over 400 young people during the next few months to have access to the programme and support expedition equipment.

Funding has been used across the North East to support Licensed Organisations in; Sunderland, Stockton-on-Tees, Northumberland, South Tyneside, County Durham, and Darlington. Organisations accessing the funding have included support aimed specifically at those with SEND needs and those who struggle in social situations, groups and individuals from marginalised or disadvantaged backgrounds. We are delighted to stand shoulder to shoulder with Legal and General, investing in young people’s futures to improve their academic attainment, employability, and mental health."

Kady a pupil from Merthyr Tydfil is just one of the many young people who benefited from Legal and General support.: "Before starting the DofE bronze award I lacked confidence and belief in myself. I really enjoyed all parts of the award. I completed a St John’s First Aid course for my skill, completed a volunteering project helping children overseas and attended a weekly after school fitness club for my physical.
I was also nervous about the expedition but looking back it was an excellent experience and as a result I am much more confident and willing to take on new challenges. I have now started my silver award. The DofE bronze award has really helped me to develop confidence and make new friends."
Head of Partnerships Alex Hay recognises: "As a key partner of the DofE, we are delighted Legal and General have renewed their support as we launch out new Youth Without Limits strategy. Young people face huge challenges to recover and rebuild from the pandemic, and it gives us great confidence to have L&G by our side as we work hard to give more than one million young people the chance to participate in our life-changing programmes over the next five years, with a particular focus on those who experience marginalisation, ensuring that the DofE is open to all young people."