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Legal & General are helping small businesses recover from Covid-19

Through our partnership with Business in the Community, we’re supporting small businesses in South Wales through their recovery from Covid-19.

2 Jun 2021

Rosie Beech, Business Continuity Manager

Rosie Beech, Business Continuity Manager

At L&G we believe that we can only truly thrive if everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. This belief is the bedrock of our purpose of inclusive capitalism, and drives every decision we make.

As a business, we were very fortunate to have made our way through the Covid-19 pandemic in a relatively strong position. Many small to medium enterprises (SMEs) around the UK were not so fortunate. It’s only natural that we would want to support them where we can.

The National Business Response

The NBRN was created by Business in the Community (BITC) in the wake of the first national coronavirus lockdown.

It connects local businesses, charities and communities which need help building back, with larger businesses that have the know-how and the resources to provide it. We've been a member of the network since its creation.

The SME support Programme

In partnership with BITC, we developed and piloted a support programme for SMEs in Newport, South Wales. The programme saw colleagues from our Cardiff offices host a series of webinars, offering advice on topics like resilience building and skills promotion.

As well as this, our own Business Continuity Manager, Rosie Beech, was able to offer tailored, one-to-one support sessions with small businesses, creating a space where owners could talk through their recovery ideas and explore new approaches to their digital capabilities, business planning and marketing.

Rosie Beech, Business Continuity Manager

"I have been able to give my time and expertise to a few local businesses, advising them about the benefits of operational resilience and business continuity management. I’ve given them tips and techniques to mitigate against risks and issues that may prevent them running their normal business as usual activities, to ensure that they can continue to survive against an unplanned event. I am grateful that Legal & General supported me to volunteer. Through BITC it has been possible to perfectly align my skills to volunteering in an area where I can make a positive difference.”

Lynne Sheehy, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

“Now is the time for larger businesses to extend support to the thousands of diverse and dynamic SMEs, and the millions of people they employ.

Though we have all faced some incredibly tough challenges over the past year, my colleagues and I are incredibly motivated to share helpful skills, resources, and advice with communities in Wales, and think about ways we can collaborate further to make sure we are all able to Build Back Responsibly.”

The pilot scheme has been so successful that BITC is now using it as a benchmark to continue developing an effective platform for partnering responsible businesses with SMEs which require support.