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Legal & General becomes a founding partner of LetsLocalise

As part of our commitment to help build an inclusive society, Legal & General has become a founding partner of LetsLocalise, a digital social innovation that aims to tap into the unused reservoir of community goodwill to empower educators across the country.

23 Oct 2020

Founded in November 2018 in Berkshire, LetsLocalise helps people come together to support schools, giving every student the best chance of success, by combining the best of community action with the organisational power of an online platform.

The seed of the idea called LetsLocalise was planted by two secondary school students. In 2016, as they started their secondary school, they were overwhelmed by the scale of funding shortages and its impact on students. This included lack of lab equipment, reduced enrichment trips, outdated sports facilities and irregular supply of cover teachers.

They explored avenues to raise support for their school by conducting more than 1,000 interviews and surveys. This showed a deep well of goodwill in the community and a desire among many to help schools actively with skills, expertise and donations. All it needed was a way of connecting the goodwill to the requirements of schools.

The founders put together a plan and built a digital platform where teachers and schools could tap into community support, with members of the community, in turn, pledging their time and money. LetsLocalise allows schools to share details of upcoming events, skills and work experience needs, and specific funding requests. Individuals and companies can then see how they can most effectively offer their help, time and money in ways that are productive, meaningful and enjoyable. 

The platform is now available to every state school in the UK.

In this joint venture, Legal & General will provide funds and share its extensive knowledge and connections with schools around the country.

Gaurav Garg, Co-founder LetsLocalise said: "Our mission is to help local people come together to support schools and give every student the best chance of success. We are delighted to partner with Legal & General to reach out further and faster in what promises to be a trying year for all involved in education. As they say "Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships." We are confident that together we can impact and create the future."
Sara Heald, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Legal & General: "We are thrilled to be working with LetsLocalise to help bring communities together to support their local schools.  The platform allows schools to easily publish a drive for resources, funds for projects and volunteering opportunities for their community to see.  Schools are constantly facing budget challenges and I believe this platform can help schools engage with their local communities."