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Legal & General Netherlands rises to 12th place for responsible investment of insurance companies

11 Mar 2014

We have been working hard to help their customers and investors understand our approach to investing responsibly.

VBDO is the Dutch Association of Investors for sustainable development. Once a year VBDO benchmarks Responsible Investment of Insurance Companies in the Netherlands. The LGN management team set a target to improve the rating for this benchmark by improving our sustainable investment policy and the transparency of the information available for clients and other stakeholders like Non-Government Organizations. You can see what we disclose to customers here.

“LGN made the biggest improvement in the benchmark of all participants between 2013 and 2014 by rising from 21st place to the 12th place. We have become number 4 in the ranking of medium insurance companies. LGN is proud of this huge improvement.” Says Henk van de Bunt, Marketing Manager Legal & General Netherlands

Graham Precey, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Ethics said “We are seeing a real trend at the moment from particularly from French and Dutch consumers in electing financial services providers not just for their products but also for how they then invest as a business in the right places. Well done to the LGN team for making great progress in helping our Dutch Customers better understand how we do business better”. You can read the full report from VBDO here.

This work builds upon the work that LGIM does in the UK to improve other companies standards of doing business in their Corporate Governance Programme.