Our sustainability stories

Legal & General partner with Social Enterprise Academy Wales to help build sustainable enterprises.

Legal & General recently partnered with the Social Enterprise Academy Wales to offer a 1-day Enterprising Leadership programme to our SE-Assist portfolio of businesses as well as the wider social enterprise network in Wales.

21 Oct 2020

14 social entrepreneurs joined the virtual programme in September. All of them in varying stages of their business development - some of them were at the start of their journey with others being far more established. However, they all had the same passion, drive and commitment!

The programme was delivered by Becky Lythgoe, Director of Greenstream Flooring, a Community Investment Company and also one of our SE Assist businesses.

The aim of the programme was to gain a better understanding of what it means to be more enterprising and how this supports their sustainability. The learners explored the opportunities, benefits, barriers and challenges of becoming leaders of purpose- led organisations. They became more aware of their own assumptions, beliefs and comfort levels in a more enterprising way.

One of the huge benefits to the learners were the connections made with others working for social change and they were able to share valuable experiences of their social enterprise journey together.

Christine Davies, Nurture Centre said - I feel like this session was relevant to so many people at different stages of their business. I was personally looking for a refresh – which I got…but I also got an opportunity to develop more ideas and hopefully links and networks.’

Jo Clay, Empower Be The Change said - ‘It reinforced some key messages about leadership and the interaction with others enabled me to reflect upon what I/we are doing as an organisation and what to do next. Useful for all social enterprises to think about how they are already being enterprising and how they could continue to do this. Also to gain ideas and solutions from other organisations.’

Tom Roberts, Skye Instruments said - ‘I will consider some of the methods and apply them to my organisation and the context in which I work, for example the profit and purpose matrix. Could help everyone to work on the same page.’

Vicki Roskams, Enbarr Foundation said – ‘The future partnerships and bouncing of ideas, and how we have all aiding helping each other grow. A friendly and informed group that offered ideas in and support in a unassuming way.’

Vince Sanderson, Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership said - ‘It was great. Nothing too heavy, pitched very well! Great facilitation as well thank you! I Just want to say thank you for a great session! Really enjoyed it and didn’t feel like we spent the whole day online!’

Throughout the day the delegates voiced their concerns around current business survival due to covid-19, and the way that their businesses have had to rapidly seek new markets to sustain income generation.

As a result of these conversations a ‘Rethinking Income Streams’ recovery programme, supported by Legal & General, is now planned for November.

This programme has been designed specifically for all organisations whose business plans are being redesigned to reflect both the current reality and what might be the ‘new normal’ beyond the present time. ‘Business as usual’ is unlikely to be a viable option and all organisations now need to review approaches to sales and income generation, whilst being aware that how we operate in the current time.

The Social Enterprise Academy delivers leadership and enterprise programmes that are practical and transformational, helping people use their personal strengths to build sustainable enterprises and achieve greater social impact. For over fifteen years Social Enterprise Academy learning programmes have helped leaders at all levels put learning into action - developing themselves and making their organisations more successful and sustainable. Uniting partners around the world across Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe, the Academy believes it has a responsibility to share and learn in return.

In Wales, the programme is delivered by the Wales Co-operative Centre and Creating Enterprise and was launched in 2019 with Legal & General on board as a supporter of the Academy in Wales.

The Wales Co-operative Centre is also a valued partner of the Social Enterprise Assist fund in Wales which Legal & General founded with CAF Venturesome.