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LGIM now offer clients tobacco free investments

Investing money on behalf of ourselves, our clients and our shareholders is a great responsibility

20 Apr 2017

Investment creates money for other organisations to thrive. So in an ever changing world it‘s also important that we offer our customers the widest possible choice and opportunity to invest in line with their personal priorities and values. In response to client needs such as this, LGIM have recently launched a Tobacco Free pension fund for their client Cancer Research UK. This is available to all of Cancer Research UK’s employees as the default fund.

Being Customer Led

By offering this new fund, alongside a range of investments, we are enabling our clients to invest in a way that feels right for them.

Dr Rachel Melsom MBBS, BSc, UK Director for NGO Tobacco Free Portfolios who have been helping us through this programme, said as part of the launch: We’re delighted that Legal & General has enabled tobacco free investment available as choice via a fund that is accessible to all pension funds, irrespective of their size. This greatly enhances customers’ ability to choose tobacco free investment as an option for their pension funds.
Tim Furber, Corporate Relationship Manager, Workplace DC Pensions said:  We are increasingly working with pension clients who want to back up their opinions, values and mission with where their pension is invested. Sometimes that means clients look to exclude types of companies or assets because they contradict the organisations mission to improve people’s lives.

Where Next?

The Tobacco Free Funds provide another fund choice for health conscious pension funds and consumers. There are also other funds that offer clients investments in line with their own values and priorities such as LGIM’s Future World Fund for clients who focus on the need to move to a low carbon economy.

We are also looking at Social Pension funds with Big Society Capital to provide pension funds with the ability to invest some of their money into social enterprises that are proactively solving social, environmental and economic opportunities in the UK. Watch this space.