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Our Share the orange films wins top prize at the 2020 Brand Film Awards

Commissioned in 2019 by Alzheimer’s Research, and sponsored by Legal & General, the film aims to educate the public about Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and the impacts these physical illnesses have on later living. ​​​​​​​

3 Aug 2020

Importantly, the film also myth-busts – challenging the misconception that dementia is an inevitable consequence of ageing. Something that holds us back from tackling dementia is a sense of fatalism about ageing and memory loss. By showing that old age doesn’t have to mean dementia, the film raises public awareness of, and support for, life-changing research.

For a bit of star quality, we worked on the video with Aardman Animations, creators of Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run; and for even more star quality, the film features none other than Samuel L. Jackson. He talks about his family experience of dementia and calls on the public to do their bit in supporting research into Alzheimer’s and related conditions.

This is the second year we’ve been involved in #ShareTheOrange, and it builds on other work we’ve done to support Alzheimer’s Research UK. We helped them build a website for children, which explains dementia in a child-friendly way. And we helped fund the “Walk Through Dementia” app, which is used to train professionals dealing with dementia daily, by showing what it is like to be in the body of someone who has this terrible disease. We even used this powerful app to train our own Vulnerable Customers teams in Hove.

Our involvement in a project like this is a natural fit for Legal & General. As one of the UK’s leading pensions providers, it’s our responsibility to inform and engage people on a wide range of issues relating to older age. This will only get more and more relevant as life expectancies increase and we approach the “hundred-year life”.

Ensuring that we keep people entertained, educated and engaged in issues like this is all part of our commitment to inclusive capitalism: where everyone, young or old, now and tomorrow, is financially included and no-one is left behind.