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Recognised by the Department of Health for our commitment to our employees

1 Feb 2014

We've been recognised by the Department of Health for our commitment to promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Nigel Wilson, our CEO said, “I am delighted that we have been recognised for the work that we have done and our commitment to health and wellbeing. Our business challenge is to improve the lives of our customers - our personal challenge is to improve our own lives and those of our family - being healthy and happy and leading a balanced life is certainly my goal for 2014".

In May 2013 we signed the Health at Work pledge as a partner with the Department of Health. The pledge, known as the Public Health Responsibility Deal, aims to tap into the potential for businesses like ours and other influential organisations to make a significant contribution to improving public health by helping to create this environment.

Creating the Right Environment

Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Health wrote to thank us for helping to raise awareness and create the right environment to empower and support employees to make balanced and informed choices that can help them lead healthier lives. Businesses are in a great position to help create this healthy environment and the Responsibility Deal seeks to harness this potential and work in partnership to make a real difference.