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Supporting the Elderly Accommodation Awards

We're helping elderly people voice their opinions about the quality of accommodation on offer to them.

31 Jul 2017

Last Time Buyers

There are 25 million empty bedrooms in England and the supply of housing stock for younger people is woefully inadequate. Most of the nearly two million households on local authority waiting lists want one-bedroom or two-bedroom homes, but the proportion of one-bedroom properties being built has fallen to its lowest level for 20 years. We need to build more homes for first time and last time buyers, encouraging the elderly to move to smaller or specially adapted homes.

In the UK, 49% of owner-occupied homes are, according to the English Housing survey under occupied. A quarter of UK homes have just one person living in them; these are mostly over 60s. With just 1% of elderly people in the UK living in specially adapted homes, it's clear that older people don't want to be uprooted and that downsizing is stressful. But it’s also true that, in general, the alternatives aren't great.

Giving The Elderly A Voice

We're helping give elderly people a voice - a platform to feedback on the accommodation on offer to them - by being the proud to be sponsors of this year's Elderly Accommodation Council's National Housing for Older People Awards.

These are the only independent awards for older people, enabling them to rate their landlord through a very simple card game designed to stimulate discussions and help capture satisfaction ratings on design, services, and well-being.

The aim of the Awards is to:

  • Publicly celebrate the best specialist housing for older people
  • Engage thousands of residents in identifying what contributes to quality of life in traditional and emerging models of specialist housing provision
  • Ensure that older people, families and carers have access to the best possible information
    Help shape the future of housing in later life

Do You Have An Elderly Relative Who Would Like To Take Part?

If you have an elderly relative and would like to find out how they can take part, you'll find details on the Elderly Accommodation Council's website.

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