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The Prince’s Trust response to coronavirus

The Princes Trust leadership team have acted quickly to launch a Youth Action Plan to make sure they do everything they possibly can for young people during these times.. The headlines of the action plan are detailed HERE and their youth workers are working around the clock to give the UK’s vulnerable young people the help they need, whatever their circumstances

9 Jun 2020

  • Offering remote mentoring to young people struggling with isolation.  They are also signposting young people to other youth support services we partner with, ensuring that we offer a holistic response together.
  • They’ve quickly reengineered programmes and created ‘virtual classrooms’ so that young people can continue to benefit from our life-changing courses in employability and entrepreneurship.
  • Creating opportunities for young people who have been hit by the crisis to re-skill and apply for new jobs, including in the healthcare sector which has never needed more resources more urgently.
  • They’ve extended the hours of their Contact Centre, signposting young people with  advice and support services who can step in to help when lives fall apart.

The support they can give is desperately needed by young people right now and will be all the more important beyond the crisis, when the country as a whole must start living, learning and earning again. During the 2008/09 financial crisis, when one in five young people were out of work, they significantly scaled their employability support to help thousands into jobs. The Prince’s Trust is experienced at being there for young people in times of crisis and are ready to do so  once again . 

We have heard some heartening updates from across The Trust: Dan in Wolverhampton who completed the  Get into Healthcare programme less than a month ago is now volunteering at his local hospital; young people on the Team programme in Yorkshire are preparing emergency bags of food for vulnerable members of their community; and in London their colleagues immediately sprang into action and are supporting young people with Enterprise online.

As coronavirus forces us all to make changes, you can be assured that The Prince’s Trust are still there to support you today and prepare for tomorrow.

To find out more, visit: https://www.princes-trust.org.uk/