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Virtual Maths Club

Legal and General recognises the many challenges that teachers face, to continue educating their students. Working with Angela Gould, and Higher Horizons+, a Uni Connect Programme led by Keele University, we’ve funded Virtual Maths Club, a programme full of interesting, challenging maths resources for secondary school teachers and students.

29 Apr 2020

Over 150 teachers have registered to join Virtual Maths Club, a new online community offering sets of free maths resources to encourage and engage students whilst studying at home.  Each set of materials comes with full solutions, and a follow-on maths problem, for higher-ability students to tackle.

The activities cover major topic areas, such as ratio, fractions, algebra, geometry, and are designed to encourage problem-solving and maths thinking skills, and in particular to ensure that pupils read the question!  

Each week, a set of maths problems are posted; the questions become progressively harder as students work through.  There are several formats; quizzes, maths challenge sheets, and games, which have all been formatted so that students can access them from a wide range of devices at home.

There is also an A-level Virtual Maths Club, which offers challenging questions to  Y12 and Y13 students, with hard problems that can be tackled in pairs or small groups, and again materials are sent out on a weekly basis – these can also prove an enjoyable resource for maths teachers who enjoy tussling with a difficult problem.

Feedback from teachers:

  • "They are fantastic...thank you very much."
  • "These are lovely resources which we will use for our students."
  • "Thanks and they look good, definitely the type of thing that will work well."
  • "Our students will love it and they will enjoy the challenge."

Contact information:

To register for the Virtual Maths Club, please contact Angela Gould.

Email: angela.gould@bmam.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0)7717 602 631

Notes to editors

This programme is funded by Legal and General and run by Angela Gould, who is director of BMAM Ltd, which runs maths teacher meetings and PGCE training events and Maths Club sessions in universities and schools across England.  She was a member of the Mathematics Department of King’s College London until 2016, and prior to this was Executive Director of the UK Mathematics Trust, which runs the Maths Challenges.  Over 100,000 pupils and 5,500 maths teachers have attended BMAM maths events.