Building a better society

Building a better society depends on creating a more inclusive form of capitalism which benefits everyone. To achieve it, financial institutions must invest in the real economy. We use pension funds and savings to do just that.

We are committed to using society’s capital for society’s benefit. This means we invest pension funds in the real economy, delivering financial security for pensioners and fostering growth across towns and cities at the same time.

We target our investments to support financial resilience, create new and better neighbourhoods, build the right kind of houses and enable society to deal with health challenges. To breathe new life into cities, we invest in science and innovation districts and urban transformation projects. Our direct investments in specialist commercial real estate, residential property and clean energy will help to level up the UK’s towns and cities.

We have taken steps to:

  • Commit to tackling the UK’s ongoing housing crisis. We have received planning permission for 6,000 homes through our later living, build to rent, modular housing and build to sell businesses, have provided £175m in long-term financing to build much-needed homes across the UK and we have committed £48m to delivering 200 new social homes across Ireland.
  • Increase resilience and financial inclusion - Partnering with Innovate UK to deploy £6m in grants to technology start-ups that are making a difference in healthy ageing.
  • Closing the gap between lifespans and healthspans - Our £20 million sponsorship of the Advanced Care Research Centre at Edinburgh University will fund research on improving care in later life and revolutionising how it is delivered.
  • Investing £1.5bn in towns and cities to ensure levelling up takes place across the UK, including £81.5m of funding to create more homes and commercial space in Glasgow.

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How can we build on the learnings of Covid-19 to achieve a more inclusive and resilient society?

Harnessing the power of innovations will build societal health and resilience, with better outcomes for everyone.

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Planning permission for 6,000 homes through out later living, build to rent, modular housing and build to sell businesses


We are working to deliver 3,000 new affordable homes a year from 2023


Committed to Clúid Housing to deliver around 200 new social homes across Ireland


Supporting the journey through care

Every year, some 1.4 million people seek support to find care for the over 65s. Our new Care Concierge is a digital, end-to-end service designed to help customers and their families understand, find and fund the right care for them. The service hosts online guidance and tools which show how long a customer’s assets and income might last and provides personal advice to support people and their loved ones on the care journey.

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