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How we are rebuilding Britain

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Legal & General is investing in towns and cities across the UK to build a future that is brighter for everyone.



We’re investing in towns and cities and levelling up the UK

Cloud Cat Trees Women with an umbrella
Cloud HMRC building
BBC Cymru Wales Headquarter Mother with child and a man Clouds Tree Cloud
Legal and General Wales Headquarter Crane
Birds Cloud Castle Sun with ducks Swans


Castle Cloud Cloud Newcastle City Council Newcastle University Couple with a dog
Woman and elderly man playing chess


Buildings and bridge Kid on a scooter Clouds Birds Birds
Flask with trees on background
Granmother with kid Slate Yard buildings Clouds Birds
Manchester West and North Tower Construction workers
Buildings Houses Building


Clouds Trees Family with a dog Riverside buildings Kid playing football
Lighthouse Birds
Lighthouse Birds
Wind farm Building Seagull


Cloud Office and retail buildings Blind-man with walking dog Tree Building Birds
Cloud Cloud Tree Couple cycling Residential apartments Trees Birds
Birds Hill Carging Point Dog Trees