Rebuilding Britain Index (RBI)

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Rebuilding Britain Index (RBI)

The RBI was established to measure the UK’s progress in levelling up on a quarterly basis, surveying 20,000 people and tracking social and economic progress across 52 measures, including Health and Social Care, Education, Housing, Jobs & Economic Prosperity, Environment, Energy, Transport and Digital.

The RBI acts as a benchmark in identifying the UK’s investment priorities, regional investment gaps and barriers to increasing investment, focusing on society’s social, economic and environmental needs – ultimately helping to assess the extent to which the UK is building back better post-pandemic and the extent to which this is driving a levelling up across the whole of the UK.

Download an one-page overview of the RBI, including the measures used to calculate the scores

RBI scores across the UK

Our interactive map provides a detailed breakdown of the RBI scores at a national, regional and local authority level. Each of the 52 measures is indexed to provide a score out of 100 – with a higher score (darker tones) always indicating a more positive performance across that particular metric. A lower score (lighter tones) always indicates a less positive performance and a potential investment gap.

The map can be used to help identify whether the UK is pursuing the right investment path and what consequences any misalignment may have for the Government’s wider plans to ‘level up’ the regions/countries of the UK.

Download a detailed breakdown of the index measures and source data here


The latest RBI measures

The Rebuilding Britain Index was established to measure the UK’s progress in levelling up, surveying 20,000 people each year and tracking progress across seven key areas, such as housing and health, and 52 measures.

RBI explainer animation

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Inclusive capitalism helps to re-build regional economies in the wake of Covid-19

Nigel Wilson

Group CEO

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