Growing our business responsibly

Responsibility to our employees, customers, communities and society is the foundation on which we deliver inclusive capitalism.

Holding ourselves to high standards of integrity is central to how we operate. It is the right thing to do, and it is also good business. Our business has a responsibility to create sustainable growth across the UK, and we will deliver this in the right way.

We have long believed that environment, social and governance matters are critical to the ways in which we do business.

Our prosperity as a company depends on a strong and resilient society, a stable economic context, and responsible growth. We have a long value chain and we recognise that our impact is felt far beyond our own walls.

Sustainability is integral to how Legal & General does business; for us it’s not an ‘optional extra’ or a ‘nice-to-do'

Jack Roper

Group Head of Sustainability

Legal & General

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Which is why we advocate an investment-led recovery with a greener approach to the built environment and efforts to grow climate-friendly business. At the same time, we need to manage the risks and ensure the resilience of our business and investments.

What is a sustainable business?

Recently, phrases like ‘sustainability’, ‘sustainable business’ have gained traction: but it’s not a new approach for us.

We have been in and around people’s lives for nearly 200 years; providing financial services to our customers. We are the UK’s largest provider of individual life insurance products and the biggest manager of corporate pension schemes. We’re experts in safeguarding people’s financial futures by investing in things that benefit everyone – like the environment, ESG, bridges, digital infrastructure, education, or financing start-ups. We aim to be a Net-Zero business by the year 2050.

We’re creating new assets and new jobs, rather than just pushing money back and forth within a small section of the economy. Affordable housing, clean energy and small business finance are all great examples of how we as a business are becoming more sustainable.

What are the benefits of a sustainable business?

The benefits of being a sustainable company are; improving energy efficiency and minimising carbon risk, as well as increased productivity and reduced costs. Developing sustainable business practices will streamline operations, which will help making us a sustainable business and more efficient. Employees want to work with companies who are proactive with corporate environmental and social programs.

Responsible investing

LGIM view responsible investing as essential - to mitigate risks, unearth investment opportunities and strive to strengthen long-term returns for clients. It is also core to their approach: the very purpose at LGIM is to create a better future through responsible investing.

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