"At Legal & General a sense of responsibility, commercial opportunity and motivated people combine. These ingredients enable us to keep creating value for society and our shareholders.” - António Simões

This video is a combination of Legal & General investments and stock. 

We invest billions of pounds of capital in projects that aim to improve society. This includes low-carbon technology, infrastructure, affordable homes, and support for small businesses. It also means that sustainability is central to how we run our business.
[Image] 2023 Climate And Nature Report

Climate and nature report

The purpose of this report is to provide investors and other stakeholders with a better understanding of our business’s exposure to climate-related risks and our strategic resilience to these risks as well as the climate-related opportunities we have identified.

[Image] 2023 Social Impact Report

Social impact report

Legal & General is uniquely placed to make a material difference on a range of social issues. We combine scale, reach and financial strength with the skill, resilience and dedication of 11,500 brilliant people working together.