This table collates consensus estimates from third parties. Each consensus estimate is the average of analyst submissions for each financial metric listed below.

Latest financial consensus

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                        Actual   Average Consensus   Variance
  Analyst submissions1   H1 2020 H1 2021   H1 2022   H1 22e /
H1 21a
Operating profit from divisions (£m) 15   1,128 1,271   1,310   3%
Operating profit (£m) 15   946 1,079   1,123   4%
Profit before tax (£m) 14   285 1,320   1,339   1%
Reported Earnings Per Share (p) 12   4.89 17.78   18.08   2%
Dividend Per Share (p) 15   4.93 5.18   5.44   5%
Net release from operations (£m) 14   751 854   942   10%
Solvency II coverage ratio (%) 14   169% 182%   215%   33 ppt
Published on 2 August 2022.                

1The count of analyst submissions is based on analysts providing estimates to H1 2022 Formal Consensus.