About us: at a glance

This video is a combination of Legal & General investments and stock. 

Who we are

Legal & General is a leading UK financial services group and major global investor. We aim to build a better society for the long term by investing our customers’ money in things that make life better for everyone.

We are one of the world’s largest asset managers and provide powerful asset origination capabilities. Together, these underpin our retirement and protection solutions: we are an international player in pension risk transfer, in UK and US life insurance, and in UK workplace pensions and retirement income.

Assets under management (AUM) in 2023


Return on equity (ROE) in 2023


Target net zero

By 2050

What we do

We have been safeguarding people’s financial futures since 1836 through our pension services and investments.

We aim to:

  • Be a leading provider of retirement and protection solutions.
  • Be one of the world’s largest asset managers.
  • Be an innovative asset creator.
  • Build a more sustainable society.

Legal & General values mean we’re committed to improving the lives of customers, building a better society for the long term, and creating value for our shareholders across all of our businesses. By investing billions of pounds of capital in projects, we aim to: build better homes, help people live longer and healthier retirements, and create places where communities can prosper. All the while putting our customers first, delivering for our shareholders, and playing our part in tackling the climate crisis.

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Our progress

Take a closer look

Our investments are reshaping Britain’s towns and cities. Explore our map to find out more.

Our history

The Legal & General history is a colourful one. In June 1836, six lawyers founded Legal & General. And that’s just the start… Our aim to build a better society has been present for as long as we have. Passionate in the belief that capitalism and social progress are not opposing forces, we took our first step in regenerating Britain’s towns and cities.

We invested £20,000 in the Stockton and Hartlepool Railway to help keep cities moving, and made our very first investment in property development, in Birkenhead. More than 150 years later, our goal to regenerate cities has resulted in us investing £32bn in towns and cities across the UK.

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