Diversity and inclusion

Our vision is to build a diverse workforce and foster an inclusive culture where we can all perform at our best, no matter who we are.

There is a clear ethical and commercial logic to ensuring everyone is given the conditions in which to succeed through workplace inclusivity. Not only is it the right thing to do, but we believe that diversity of experience brings diversity of thought and perspective, which in turn drives greater proximity to customers, better-informed decisions, and a culture which more readily embraces innovation.

Our vision, our action plan and measuring our progress are the responsibility of our global Diversity and Inclusion Council, which reports to the Group Board and is chaired by Laura Mason, CEO of our capital investment business.

                       1. A more diverse workforce 

                       2. A more inclusive culture

We have clear ways to measure both these outcomes and as well as clarity on the specific actions we’re taking to deliver these outcomes.

Why is diversity in the workplace important?

Our focus on diversity, equity and inclusion is important because ensuring people have fair and equitable access to opportunities is the right thing to do.

A diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace are commercially beneficial, too: having diverse mindsets, backgrounds, personal histories and perspectives around the table means better decision-making.

Board Diversity Policy

Our goals

We’ve also set ourselves internal goals for the representation of minority ethnicities on our Board, in our senior management population and across our workforce as a whole.

of workforce to be women by 2025 - currently 46.5%


of senior roles being held by women by 2025 – currently 37.2%


of our Board roles being held by women – currently 42%


Women In Finance Charter

We're committed to several external initiatives that support diversity, equity and inclusion outcomes including the Parker Review, FTSE Women Leaders and the Women In Finance Charter. You can read more about the Women in Finance Charter using the link the below.

Women in Finance Charter

Our diversity and inclusion priorities

At Legal & General we want to build a more diverse workforce and a more inclusive culture. To do this we’ve set ourselves four priorities.

Read more about our D&I priorities

Workforce diversity and gender pay gap data

Every year we report on the make up of our workforce and gender pay gap.

Our pay gaps

View our latest figures