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Take stock of your work, wealth and wellbeing with our Midlife MOT

We have an ageing population in the UK, and this is reflected across the world.

2 Mar 2022

What is an ageing population?

In 2015, 12.3% of the global population were over 60 years old. By 2030, this will have increased to 16.4% and by 2050, 21.3% of the global population will be over 60.

Why are people living longer?

Today’s population age-structure is created by patterns of fertility and mortality. Over the last 50 years, mortality and fertility rates have decreased. This means with people living longer, our challenge is often how to maximise good health in later life.

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The UK ageing population and increasing life expectancy should be celebrated, but it also poses challenges. For many people, improving their health and preparing for financial security in retirement can help reduce uncertainty and re-frame retirement expectations.   

Why do people reaching midlife need support?

There are four key challenges facing middle aged people today: 

  • those in their 40s or 50s in the UK, will be the first to experience a rising state pension and therefore longer working life, so will need to adapt to this
  • this age group are also often time poor and sandwiched between caring for young children or older parents, at a crossroads in their career and potentially having to deal with health issues that become more common at this age too (e.g. menopause)
  • this group are also approaching retirement so need to feel confident with their finances and engaged with retirement planning. Midlife is a key point in life to reflect and to ensure adequate retirement plans are in place
  • the current cost of living crisis and high rates of inflation (plus the impact from Covid) mean it’s more important than ever to have a check in on your financial situation
Our Midlife MOT course has been designed to help people prioritise their needs and take steps to ensure they have the best retirement possible.

Emma Byron

Managing Director

Legal & General Retirement Solutions

What does this mean for modern mid-life?

Your 40s or 50s are likely to be a busy time, and for many people it’s difficult to think long term and make plans. That’s why our Retail team have launched a new course with The Open University: the Midlife MOT.

The educational course is a free online wealth, work and wellbeing check that can help you plan for the rest of your midlife and prepare for your future.

The course takes around two to four hours to complete, and covers topics like:

  • emergency funds
  • paying down debts
  • growing your pension
  • healthy ageing
  • securing and maintaining a work/life balance

Take your Midlife MOT here 

I found it really informative and reassuring. This is not just about financial wellbeing, it’s about lifestyle and broader challenges as well.


Sales Manager