How we're rebuilding our cities

To create jobs and places to live and work, we are investing customers money in infrastructure schemes that will have a real impact on our towns and cities.

4 Aug 2020

How we're rebuilding our cities

Now more than ever, investment is needed in our towns and cities: to create sustainable workplaces, build sustainable homes, and generate high quality jobs. We invest our money in infrastructure schemes that have a positive impact on communities and society, including rebuilding homes.

How are we building sustainable homes and communities?

We have committed to making all our housing net zero carbon enabled by 2030. We have also invested in carbon free infrastructure schemes.

What is a carbon free infrastructure scheme?

Some examples of low-carbon infrastructure that we have invested in include:

  • Railway infrastructure, which can reduce the volume of carbon-emitting traffic.
  • Urban transport projects, which reduce car usage and encourage public transport.
  • Renewable energy projects (solar, wind, and hydropower), which have much lower carbon emissions compared to fossil fuels.