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Legal & General launches three-year partnership with children’s financial education charity RedSTART

Supported by Legal & General, over 900 volunteers, and other corporate partners, RedSTART will transform the life chances of some of the UK’s most disadvantaged children by removing one of the barriers to social mobility.

29 Sep 2022

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Promoting long-term financial wellbeing starts early with teaching young people about managing money and understanding finance. Legal & General wants to make navigating all things finance easier for children across the UK, so we have partnered with financial education charity RedSTART to support this goal.

Our support will enable RedSTART to deliver a series of age appropriate, immersive, and professionally accredited financial education events for these children.

We will also work closely with RedSTART to expand the programme into Wales, with a plan to launch in six Welsh schools in September 2023.

RedSTART’s Change the Game Programme

RedSTART teaches primary school children from some our most disadvantaged communities how money works and gives them the skills they need to avoid ending up in debt traps. They teach children progressively, building on their previous years’ knowledge.

  • They are helping 47 primary schools to deliver circa 175,000 hours of financial education for over 17,000 children and 20 engaged partners.
  • Through seven years of primary school, they foster and track pupils’ development and provide resources for teachers and parents.
  • Their work includes a unique longitudinal study run by a leading academic team to examine the impact the interventions are having on the attitude, behaviour, and educational attainment of the children.

Measurement is vital in assessing the value of interventions like this, and RedSTART is partnering with King’s College London and Boston Consulting Group to evaluate the impact of this programme.

The researchers will report back in 2029, with mid- and full-year reports tracking the programme along the way, allowing for RedSTART to make any extra interventions as needed. The reports will provide a body of evidence that will be presented to the Government to support the case for financial education to be a core subject for all 4.7 million primary school children across the UK.  

Jack Roper, Group Head of Sustainability: “The seeds of a better retirement are planted early on, and RedSTART’s financial education is a great tool in helping young people improve their lives by building their long-term financial wellbeing. We’re excited to develop our partnership, and to see how their research with King’s College London can prove the impact of inclusive financial education and support policy decisions.”
Sarah Marks, CEO, RedSTART: “We’re delighted that Legal & General are supporting us. Our mission is to transform the life chances of some of the UK’s most disadvantaged primary school children by teaching them financial literacy and basic monetary skills. The partnerships we form will ensure that we reach as many children as possible. L&G’s values match perfectly; supporting people with their long-term financial wellbeing.”

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1Data as at 31 December 2023.