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Legal & General Mastertrust first to launch multi-asset ESG default fund

The Legal & General Mastertrust has announced today that it is the first Mastertrust to launch a multi-asset ESG fund as a default option. This fund will also be made available as a default option for Legal & General’s contract-based schemes.

12 Mar 2019

Press release (PDF 121KB)

The fund incorporates LGIM’s Climate Impact Pledge, focused on speeding up the progress companies are making in addressing climate change and transitioning to a low-carbon economy. LGIM has identified the companies that are critical to the shift to a low-carbon economy and ranked them against criteria such as their commitment to this transition, board composition, strategy and transparency.

Dermot Courtier, Chair of the Legal & General Mastertrust:

"...Being able to offer employers more choice when it comes to selecting a default fund and responding to demand to invest in funds that are making a good social impact is crucial."

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