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Legal & General paid out £731 million in Individual Protection Claims in 2019

30 Apr 2020

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  • Legal & General paid over £392.4m in Life claims, with 97% of the claims paid
  • £111.8 m was paid in Terminal Illness claims for 2019
  • Legal & General paid £224m in Critical Illness claims in 2019

Legal & General has released data today showing how much it paid out on individual protection claims in 2019. The figures show that the FTSE 100 insurer has paid out £731m across its Life, Critical Illness Cover, Terminal Illness Cover and Income Protection insurance products in 2019. More than 15,000 UK customers and their families benefitted from individual cover as Legal & General paid out the equivalent of just over £2m every day.

The figures raise the total amount Legal & General has paid in individual protection claims over the last five years to nearly £3billion, supporting individuals and families when they need it most.

Life claims

Legal & General paid out over £392.4m in 2019 across 10,721 claims, the equivalent of 29 a day and representing 97% of all life claims. The three main conditions were cancer (37%), heart related diseases (18%) and respiratory illnesses (5%), with an average customer payout of £36,608.

Critical Illness claims

The equivalent of nine claims a day, 92% of Critical Illness claims (CIC), were paid out in 2019 by Legal & General. The insurer paid a total of £224m across 3,351 CIC claims. The most common conditions were cancer (66%), heart attacks (12%) and stroke (6%), with an average payout of £66,857.

Children’s Critical Illness claims

For Children’s Critical Illness (CCIC), Legal & General paid out more than £2.1m to 140 customers, representing 96% of all CCIC claims. The average payout was £15,182. Cancer was the cause behind the highest proportion (63%) of claims, followed by child funeral benefit (14%), blindness (2%) and strokes (2%).

Terminal Illness claims

Legal & General paid out £111.8m across 1,066 Terminal Illness (TIC) claims in 2019, representing 95% of all TIC claims. The majority were caused by a cancer diagnosis (94%) and the average customer payout was £104,911.

Income Protection claims

Legal & General paid out 93% of all Income Protection claims (IP) supporting 483 people*. Musculoskeletal disorders (33%) were the leading cause for an IP claim, followed by cancer (17%) and mental health (12%).

David Banks, Director of Claims and Underwriting, Legal & General Insurance: "Our purpose as a business is to support our customers at some of the most challenging times in their lives. An unexpected change in circumstances such as a critical illness diagnosis or the loss of a loved one can have a devastating impact on a family. For those facing a life-changing condition or grieving over the death of a family member, the importance of financial security cannot be overstated.

We take incredibly seriously the responsibility of financially supporting our customers at their most vulnerable. Last year we supported over 15,000 people through paying their claim. But behind our claims statistics are real people: families who have lost a parent, renters who are unable to work due to illness or injury, individuals who have been diagnosed with life changing critical illnesses. We will continue to place our entire focus on providing this vital financial security for our existing and new customers alike."

Notes to editors

Established in 1836, Legal & General is one of the UK’s leading financial services groups and a major global investor, with £1.2 trillion in total assets under management (as at FY23) of which c40% (circa £0.5 trillion) is international.

We have a highly synergistic business model, which continues to drive strong returns. We are a leading international player in Institutional Retirement, in Retail Savings and Protection, and in both public and private markets through our Asset Management division. Across the Group, we are committed to responsible investing and dedicated to serving the long-term savings and investment needs of customers and society.

As at 7 June 2024, we estimate the Group’s Solvency II coverage ratio to be 224%.

As at 11 June 2024, Legal & General has a market capitalisation of £14.6 billion.

Legal & General Insurance (LGI) has been offering life insurance cover since 1836 and is the UK’s number one individual life insurance provider. Our group protection business in the UK offers life insurance and income protection products to individuals through their employers and we offer term-life insurance in the US. We now have over 5.5 million UK life insurance customers, 1.8 million people in group protection schemes and approaching 1.3 million US term-life insurance policyholders. Here in LGI, we protect our customers and their loved ones throughout life and death.

*at 31 Jun 2021