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Our Lifetime Mortgage TV ad

Our latest TV advert is memorable, engaging and (crucially) doesn’t conform to the stereotype of older age which is often portrayed in advertising.

31 Jan 2018

The campaign can be seen on a range of channels including ITV3, Channel 4, Dave and Really. The press adverts will be in a selection of publications including Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and Radio Times.

It shows an entertaining story designed to capture attention in a market which has, in TV advertising to date, sometimes showed customers as a stereotype of the ‘stay at home’ type. 

“My latest release….a Lifetime Mortgage” 

The TV advert tells the story of Pete and his wife. Pete’s a singer who’s lived a ‘life less ordinary’ and wants to carry on doing one of the things he loves, playing in a band with his mates. A lifetime mortgage has helped to provide Pete and his wife with the financial security to improve their quality of life in retirement by making the most of the equity that’s built up in their home.

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Millie Hyde-Smith

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