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Legal & General launches long Covid intervention package

Legal & General has launched a new early intervention care package for employees in its group protection schemes who are displaying symptoms of “long Covid”.

3 Nov 2020

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There is mounting evidence of a long tail of prolonged symptoms following Covid-19, including profound fatigue, ongoing breathlessness, fluctuating symptoms or disabling anxiety. Legal & General’s new Long Covid Intervention Package, which is delivered by rehabilitation experts Vitality360, will be available for employees who present with fatigue and associated symptoms following Covid-19.

The package includes eight hours of therapy assessment and rehabilitation time. An assessment via telephone or video call will lead directly into the provision of advice and signposting over video call. Each employee will receive bespoke treatment which will be focused on physical symptoms, with further psychological support provided by Legal & General’s cognitive behavioural therapy and employee assistance services.

Employees will be referred to Legal & General by their employer following an absence of four to six weeks, whereupon they will be assessed by a rehabilitation specialist from Vitality360’s multi-disciplinary team if it is determined their absence is due to long Covid. The assessment will look at the employee’s current situation, including past medical history, presenting symptoms and the impact of these symptoms on their functional and vocational capacity. The specialist will then advise on whether further medical investigation is needed and, if not, will provide seven more therapy sessions which support the employee in self-managing their symptoms and help them gain confidence. The specialist will also provide advice regarding a realistic work plan, which the employee can pass on to their employer as appropriate.

Charlotte Bray, Rehabilitation and Clinical Lead at Legal & General: "It’s clear that long Covid is having a debilitating effect on many people, some of whom are unable to work due to fatigue and other symptoms. Our Long Covid Intervention Package will support employees with strategies that help them self-manage these symptoms so they can get back to work and everyday life, as well as signpost them to further care if necessary. It’s still early days in the treatment of long Covid, but we believe the specialist and bespoke advice and care available via our new package will equip employees with the means to recover from the long-term symptoms of this terrible disease."
Beverly Knops, Executive Manager and Specialist Occupational Therapist at Vitality360: "While the effects of long Covid are still not fully known, we have seen that people are experiencing debilitating symptoms and some have been diagnosed with Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome. Fatigue and associated symptoms can interfere with every aspect of day-to-day life, so being supported with strategies and learning how to cope can really help reduce its impact. This is why Legal & General’s Long Covid Intervention Package is so welcome; it will really help employees gain the confidence to get back to work in a way that suits their individual needs."

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