Building fairer economic growth

We’ve been investing in cities and housing for a decade.

As an investor and asset manager which owns several housebuilding businesses and has significant experience in managing and developing real estate assets, we can make a significant contribution to addressing the issues caused by chronic under-investment. That’s because we can deploy significant quantities of capital, at scale, in multiple geographies, with clarity of purpose.

Levelling up means supporting the UK’s regeneration, in places that need it. From housing to clean energy and from transport infrastructure to city centre regeneration, we are investing across the country for the long-term.

Our goals

For us, taking a lead role in building fairer economic growth is a natural fit with our business, and we’re focused on:

1. Building value through investing in housing and infrastructure.

2. Promoting financial inclusion, resilience and wellbeing.

We are making progress

Invested in regional economies around the UK to revive communities and deliver sustainable affordable housing, transport and digital infrastructure

£32 billion

We have committed a landmark £4 billion over seven years to help the West Midlands level up, which will support increased provision of housing of all tenures and widespread urban regeneration

£4 billion

Our investments have supported the creation of more than 30,000 jobs long-term jobs across the UK since the pandemic


Rebuilding Britain Index (RBI)

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Charity stakeholders and collaborative partners

Successful companies are no longer the ones that just make the most money, but are those that create the greatest social value for their communities and society as a whole.

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